The NEW Apple iPhone 4S has officially launched today.  Many of us have or know someone who has waited countless hours, days, weeks, and even months for the unveiling of this latest Apple iPhone product.  With its newest installed technology and its updated design, the NEW Apple iPhone 4S is surely not to disappoint its fan base.  Now it is time to accessorize this latest Apple iPhone version with one of the best products out there.

Currently, we have the perfect Apple iPhone accessory in mind that every Apple consumer or wholesale distributor must have to maximize the full benefits of the NEW Apple iPhone 4S.  One of the best kept secrets in the consumer electronics industry for the Apple iPhone 4S is the NEW Black Diamond 2 Apple iPhone Dock.  This revolutionary product is one of the most popular, hottest, MUST HAVE, accessory items for the NEW Apple iPhone 4S.  The Black Diamond 2 Apple iPhone Dock allows the consumer the opportunity to insert their iPhone into an amazing dock where the iPhone can now be used in many different ways all while charging.  Once the iPhone is inserted into the port on the Black Diamond 2 Apple iPhone Dock it will boasts the following features:

–  The World’s first 3D Ambience Dock, a mood light

–  An iPhone Dock with an iPhone Apps

–  Can use iPhone internal speaker and boost

–  Poke sensitivity default to center or Poke to change music immediately


Also, the Black Diamond 2 Apple iPhone Dock has the following functions:

–  Missed calls flashing while docking

–  Single tap, back to top menu

–  Progressive wake up and sleep

–  Charged and synchronized with iTunes by mini USB

–  Set colors of messages from friends

–  Disable poke when not in Black Diamond 2 Dock or not charging


The Black Diamond 2 Apple iPhone Dock can work on all iPhones currently out there on the market, the Apple iPhone – 4S, 4, 3GS, and the 3G versions.  In addition, the Black Diamond 2 Apple iPhone Dock is approved and certified by Apple.  You can purchase this product in wholesale lots with prices starting at around $50.99 each or you can purchase this product as a single item with prices starting at around $75.99 each.

For more information on this product or to make a purchase, please visit our website at:  www.tbgwholesale.com


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